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New York

Alix Verley-Pietrafesa is the offspring of an Italian textile legacy and generations of French artists. It was at University in Scotland that Alix, inspired by the mid-century Bohemians of Paris and the Bloomsbury Group, picked up a needle and began making clothes by hand.

Seeking to create pieces which reflected the free-spirited muses of her studies and facilitated adventure, Alix of Bohemia was born, formally established in London in 2009. The last decade has seen Alix living and working in Europe, Asia and the US. Her far-flung travels, stories, techniques and textiles are the canvas of her collections.

Alix currently lives between New York and Mallorca where she sews daily in her Ateliers with her team, producing limited runs, one of a kind pieces and custom commissions by appointment. In 2018, Alix of Bohemia expanded beyond her bespoke pieces, and began designing and producing collections for the annual seasons.

In 2019 we opened our first store on 13 Christopher Street in New York. A historic street that also holds significance for our company: it was on Christopher Street that Alix hosted her first trunk show in New York in 2013.

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